Danielów 5, 97 - 360 Kamieńsk

Processed animal protein

Product type: Processed animal protein Category 3.

Raw materials used: animal by-products of category 3.

By-products are delivered by own approved means of transport to the Processing Plant in Danielów 5, 97-360 Kamieńsk. The product is primarily exported to third countries - mainly in Asia due to the EU ban on feeding and restrictions on the use of this product. The production method approved by the district veterinarian under 1069/2009 is method 7. Product with a maximum grain size of 2.5 mm, and minimum protein content of 48%. A very wide spectrum of amino acids. It contains natural minerals and elements and is very well absorbed by the body. All substances contained in the meal are important for the correct growth of the skeleton and dentition – especially during the growth period.

It is suitable for both cats and dogs.

Product for pet food.

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