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Used cooking oils

Used cooking oils (UCO): also known as used oil, post-frying oil.

Used cooking oils are a mixture of vegetable fats produced mainly by so-called deep-frying. In Europe, canola, palm, soy and sunflower oils are mainly used for frying, but also all kinds of butter, margarine and lard. The mixture of these used, dark to light brown oils creates a product called used cooking oil.

Public awareness:

What to do with the used oil? How the oil is used and how it can contaminate about 1 million litres of water.
In addition, the oil may solidify on the pipes causing blockages. For this reason, oil should never be poured into the sink or the toilet bowl. The right way to get rid of the oil is to transfer it to a specialized company that will help you get rid of this burdensome waste. All frying and food establishments, confectioneries and catering facilities should have a transparent solution to the problem of waste management of used cooking oil. In addition, each branch of the sanitary inspectorate controls the handling of cat. 3 animal by-products and oils.
Our company has a permit for the collection, transport and storage of waste with BDO Number 000024950 and a RedCertEU certificate.

We offer professional and safe collection of used edible fats and proper disposal of this type of waste based on our own fleet of vehicles and a system of containers with the capacity of 20, 30, 60, 90, and 120 l. equipped with leak-proof closures.

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