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Catering waste

Kitchen waste and expired food

Jasta sp. z o.o. spółka komandytowa offers comprehensive services in the collection of expired food, kitchen waste, food products withdrawn from the market or not allowed for sale, and post-production food waste from mass catering facilities, kindergartens, schools, company shops and other interested entities.

Each of the aforementioned points should have the designated container or place of holding these by-products and hand them over to the approved entity.

Customers receive a properly tailored service in terms of the quantity and frequency of collection based on special containers with a capacity of 20, 40, 60, 120l or 240l. In addition to regular services, you will also receive professional advice related to the proper waste management procedure.

Under Regulation (EU) No 1069/2009 of the European Parliament and the Council and Implementing Regulation 142/2011, kitchen waste is classified as Category 3 animal by-products. To meet the requirements that they impose on your supervisory offices, i.e. Sanitary Inspection and Veterinary Inspection, on 31.07.2006 we obtained an integrated permit allowing us to carry out activities in the field of processing of the above-mentioned Cat 3 animal by-products.

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