Danielów 5, 97 - 360 Kamieńsk

CATEGORY 3 Animal fat

Animal fodder fat

The production of animal fat is carried out at the Danielów plant where we can store purified fat, blend it and obtain an optimal product for the customer.

Category 3 fodder fats as a source of energy and unsaturated fatty acids have a beneficial effect on growth, feed conversion and animal health. Numerous studies show that the introduction of i.e. fatty acids to the feed of growing fattening pigs increases the daily gain and reduces the feed intake per 1 kg body weight gain. Researchers found higher gains in fattening pigs receiving a 20% addition of fatty acids to their feed. Fats administered in the feed to growing pigs also increase the level of thyroid hormones in the blood. These hormones are essential for the normal growth and development of the animal.


  • for livestock feed
  • for PET FOOD


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Technical animal fat

Animal fat for technical purposes is determined by the recipient and its veterinary approval. Due to the above, we distinguish both technical and feed purposes. Technical plants produce biofuels, esters, cosmetics, etc. Technical fat can also be used as a fuel with an energy value of 35 MJ/kg.

The product is sold in tanks at a temperature of min. 55oC.


  • for the cosmetics industry
  • for biofuel
  • for the production of lubricants
  • for the production of stearin and glycerin
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