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Disposal, neutralization and processing of animal by-products Cat.3

Jasta sp. z o.o. spółka komandytowa provides services in the field of disposal and processing of by-products of the third category, under EC Regulation 1069/2009.

Our services are primarily comprehensive collection and disposal of by-products of the third category, expired food, kitchen waste, other related to animal products.

For our customers, we are able to adjust the schedule of collections, and the size of containers, as well as assist in drawing up supporting documentation. We are also able to meet all other individual customer needs.

Our services are addressed primarily to entities such as:

  • slaughterhouses and meat processing establishments,
  • meat establishments and butcheries,
  • mass catering points,
  • restaurants,
  • supermarkets,
  • other - all producing and having Category 3 zoonotic products, intended for disposal.
We carry out all orders and contracts exclusively using our own transport, on time and with advice on recycling and disposal.

Jasta also purchases products - raw materials for PET FOOD production.

Purchase of raw materials – animal by-products of category 3, in particular:

  • raw blood
  • post-mortem feathers
  • category 3 raw meat and bones - intended for the production of PET FOOD
  • animal fats
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